Sunday, 04. December
Sunday, 04. December
digitec connect. Our mobile subscription. Now for CHF 15.– instead of CHF 25.– per month. Includes 1 GB of roaming data in the EU/USA. For two years. Available until 25 December 2022.
Our subscription at a glance
Costs per month
CHF 15.–  instead of CHF 25.–
Mobile data in Switzerland included
3 GB
Mobile data in the EU/USA included
1 GB
Calls within Switzerland included
SMS/MMS in Switzerland included
Unlimited data
The subscription includes 3 GB data in Switzerland Each additional 1 GB costs CHF 6.–. From 7 GB consumption, you surf unlimited in Switzerland. Learn more
Activation fee
Costs of SIM card/eSIM
Minimum contract period
Notice period
One month, effective per the end of the following month. Daily for the first month.
Network partner
Network coverage
4G, no data throttling
5G option per month
CHF 8.–
If there are five of you, all members get unlimited data in Switzerland.
Our mobile subscription. Now for CHF 15.– instead of CHF 25.– per month. For two years. Available until 25 December 2022.
Frequently asked questions
  • Do I have to cancel my subscription with my old provider?
    No, you don't. We'll do that for you to save you the hassle. And the best part? There's zero paperwork involved. 
  • Can I keep my phone number?
    Sure, your phone number’s yours. And it’s free to transfer to us. Of course, you can also opt for a new phone number if you want.
  • How good’s the reception?
    Really good. What’s more, you get to use the Sunrise network without a notice period during the first month. When it comes to network access, you have the same priority as Sunrise customers. We don’t do throttling, not even for flat rates.
  • How do I get a flat-rate subscription?
    Simply get our regular subscription, there’s no need to choose. Only the data you actually use is automatically added each month. If you’re not using your flat rate, you don’t have to pay for it.
  • What happens after the two years?
    The standard, equally attractive digitec connect conditions apply again. Here’s a handy hint: we have recurring voucher promotions for existing customers. Keep an eye out, and you’ll find deals to keep your subscription for CHF 15.– instead of CHF 25.– for even longer! And when you buy a mobile phone at digitec.ch, you’ll also receive a voucher that covers the base fee, so you can enjoy digitec connect for free for several months!
  • What if I’m an existing customer?
    You’re in luck! We have recurring voucher promotions for existing customers. You can purchase this voucher here. Redeem the voucher in your Cockpit and profit from the same deal as new users.
  • What if I’m a B2B customer?
    As a B2B customer, you benefit from preferential conditions in the long term. So, the current offer doesn’t apply. Contact our B2B team directly for long-term B2B preferential conditions at connect.b2b@digitec.ch.
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